1959年出生於芬蘭在斯德哥爾摩學習建築1985年起在Jan Henriksson的建築工作室工作發展出不同類型的案子包含在Orebro的國家銀行大樓、Volvo的組合大廳和瑞典的皇家圖書館

目前合作的公司有Artemide AsplundOffecctTronconiFSB and Leucos. Thomas的作品在世界各地展出包含1990年巴黎的Exhibition Suedoise a la Grand Arche1990年巴黎的Pavillion d´Arsenal 1993年倫敦的Design Museum1996年威尼斯的Biennale di architettura2001年東京的Swedish style2002年洛杉磯的Swedish style.



1990 Excellent Swedish Design for “Wedding stool”

1993 椅凳 “Air

1997 椅子 “Akvarium”


Born in Finland in 1959 and studies architecture in Stockholm.

From 1985 he works for Professor Jan Henriksson’s architecture studio, developing different projects, including the National Bank building in Örebro, an assembly hall for Volvo and the Royal Library in Sweden.

He has worked as a designer for Artemide, Asplund, Offecct, Tronconi, FSB, and Leucos. Thomas Sandell has exhibited his works at several museums and fairs all over the world, including the Exhibition Suedoise a la Grand Arche, Paris in 1990, the Pavillion d´Arsenal, Paris in 1990, the Design Museum, London in 1993, the Biennale di architettura, Venice in 1996 and Swedish style, Tokyo in 2001 and Los Angeles in 2002.

He has received many awards, such as the Excellent Swedish Design for “Wedding stool” in 1990, for the bench “Air” in 1993 and for the chair “Akvarium” in 1997.

 作品集 / Products

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時漾國際 . neo arco