Pierre Sindre是位工業設計師居住和工作都在斯德哥爾摩也是CREO Arkitekter的發明者2007年在Konstfack – University’s College of Arts, Crafts and Design獲得室內結構傢俱設計學士學位認為細節是設計中重要的因子,故設計產品都是以此為起點,他常說,”細節”使傢俱更具特色


Pierre Sindre is an industrial designer who lives and works in Stockholm. He is the founder of CREO Arkitekter. Pierre earned his Bachelor’s degree in interior architecture and furniture design from the Konstfack – University’s College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 2007. Sindre finds importance in the detail and makes this a starting point when designing a product, says “I like details that invest furniture with character”.

 作品集 / Products

  1. Chair03-DAYI6209
  2. Chair03-DAY-I-6209-hover
  1. Chair04-DAYIII6211
  2. Chair04-DAY-III-6211-hover
  1. Chair17-DAY-HIGH
  2. Chair17-DAY-HIGH_hover
  1. Chair18-DAY-LITE
  2. Chair18-DAY-LITE_hover
  1. Chair15-BUTTON_updated
  2. Chair15-BUTTON_hover_updated
  1. Easy-Chair06-BUTTON-II-4686
  2. Easy-Chair06-BUTTON-II-4686-hover
  1. Chair12-POP-PALL-6279
  2. Chair12-POP-PALL-6279-hover
  1. Easy-Chair_Bleck01-1
  2. Easy-Chair_Bleck02-1
  1. Sofa03-POP-6278
  2. Sofa03-POP-6278-hover

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