Patrik Bengtsson是位有造詣的藝術家居住和工作都在瑞典的Lund,在哥登堡Valand Academy of Fine Arts獲得藝術碩士學位,最近和Pierre Sindre共同設計的非正式場合辦公空間的模組化沙發POP (Pierre och/ and Patrik),說到POP設計,Pierre Sindre專精在室內傢俱而Patrik Bengtsson專注在流行和風格上兩人剛好互補,Sindre是極其全面性和主意永不枯竭的細節愛好者,Bengtsson較工匠想法,看法較寬廣;合作過程很像小孩子的繪圖遊戲,對方沒完成的部分由另一方補足,這種方式很好,也很有趣,因為,我們有不同的知識和參考來源。


Patrik Bengtsson is an accomplished artist who lives and works in Lund, Sweden. Patrik earned his Masters of Fine Arts from the Valand Academy of Fine Arts in Gothenberg, Sweden and has recently collaborated with Pierre Sindre to design a modular system for informal activity-based offices (“POP”, an acronym for Pierre och/and Patrik). Says Bengtsson about the design of POP stool “Pierre is very well up on interior furnishing and fills me in on fashion and style. He is tremendously all-round and an unfailing source of ideas with a love of detail. I’m more the craftsman, focusing on the wider picture. Our process is a little reminiscent of that children’s drawing game where you fold the paper and continue a drawing where the other person left off. It works well, and it’s fun, because we have different funds of knowledge and reference.”

 作品集 / Products

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