1998年畢業於巴黎 Ecole Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs 產品設計碩士學位,同年,她創立了自己的工作室。在千禧年回到瑞典,並和各領域的公司合作設計產品、傢俱、和藝術趨勢,公司如 Ikea、Uniqlo, MoMa New York, Askul Japan, Gärsnäs, Abstracta, Ericsson, and Design House Stockholm。


Nina Jobs founded her design business in France in 1998 after completing a master degree in product design from Ecole Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.  At the new millennium she moved back to Sweden and worked since then with multi-disciplinary projects within product and furniture design and art direction for companies like Ikea, Uniqlo, MoMa New York, Askul Japan, Gärsnäs, Abstracta, Ericsson and Design House Stockholm among others.

She has been working for the Swedish Government to curate Swedish Design and Architecture exhibitions in Asia and USA. Her work has earned several awards and been published all over the world.

 作品集 / Products

  1. Chair06-FLAKE-6233
  2. Chair06-FLAKE-6233-hover
  1. Easy-Chair04-FLAKE-IV-6270
  2. Easy-Chair04-FLAKE-IV-6270-hover
  1. Sofa01-KVILT-6160
  2. Sofa01-KVILT-6160-hover
  1. Table03-FLAKE-6217
  2. Table03-FLAKE-6217-hover
  1. Table05-PLAY-6281
  2. Table05-PLAY-6281-hover
  1. Accessories01-LOOP-4690
  2. Accessories01-LOOP-4690-hover
  1. Accessories02-LOOP-4692
  2. Accessories02-LOOP-4692
  1. Easy-Chair08-_KVILT-6162
  2. Easy-Chair08-_KVILT-6162-hover
  1. Colette-底線-01
  2. Colette_hover-01
  1. Colette-底線-1
  2. Colette-外框

時漾國際 . neo arco