斯德哥爾摩的工作室 FÄRG & BLANCHE ,瑞典設計師 Fredrik Färg 和出生於法國的 Emma Marga Blanche 2010年所創立他們的作品廣泛如瑞典傢俱品牌: GärsnäsZero少數瑞典設計公司也提供獨立品牌的限量設計作品給米蘭紐約東京藝廊因設計師實驗性的態度過程可以很輕鬆地從手作樣品轉到工業生產,產品也不會失去應有特色和感動


Stockholm based design studio FÄRG & BLANCHE was founded in 2010 by the Swedish designer Fredrik Färg and designer Emma Marga Blanche, born in France. As a studio, they work across a wide variety of fields, collaborating with established Swedish furniture brands such as Gärsnäs, Zero and Design House Stockholm to name a few, as well as producing their own collections and limited art pieces for galleries in Milan, New York and Tokyo. Known for their experimental stance, where each expression informs the other, they effortlessly move between the exclusive hand made one off and the industrially produced, without ever losing their distinctive touch.

 作品集 / Products

  1. Chair05-EMILY-6261
  2. Chair05-EMILY-6261-hover
  1. Easy-Chair01-ELSA-6268
  2. Easy-Chair01-ELSA-6268-hover
  1. Easy-Chair02-EMMA-6260
  2. Easy-Chair02-EMMA-6260-hover
  1. Easy-Chair07-JACK-6269
  2. Easy-Chair07-JACK-6269-hover
  1. Easy-Chair11-JULIUS-EASY-CHAIR
  2. Easy-Chair11-JULIUS-EASY-CHAIR_hover
  1. Sofa05-JULIUS-SOFA
  2. Julius-3
  1. Mr-N-底線-1
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時漾國際 . neo arco