2010畢業於Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies,不久後就成立自己的工作室。David Ericsson而言時代精神在設計裡頭是不可或缺的元素,因為我們生長在一個變動的時代,任何事物的變動越來越快,所以我們更要專注在時代精神上,去發展出適合的物品和產品。產品不能只是短時間來符合市場的需求,設計師的服務必須是長時間,且可隨時間的演化,設計出符合我們新的需求和環境的需要;他和Marcus Berg 在2010年成立DMOCH,那是個藉由人性價值的探討材料和過程驅動各科學間的工作室2013又成立了Friends of wood除了他的藝術作品他還是一位Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies的客座老師,設計不是所謂的”簡化產生豐富度”,也必須是明顯地被看見。


After graduating from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies 2010, David Ericsson founded DAVID ERICSSON Design Studio. “For me is the zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) important because we are living in a time of change. Everything just goes faster and faster. So we need to focus on the zeitgeist to be able to develop good and interesting products. Products that not just only fit the market for a short perieod of time, our services should remain for a long time and evolve by time to fit our new needs of our environment”.

David Ericsson and Marcus Berg founded in 2010 DMOCH, witch is a material and process driven interdisciplinary design studio with a humanistic approach to design. David Ericsson founded Friends of Wood in 2013. Besides his artistic work, David Ericsson is a guest teacher at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies. Design is not about “less is more” but about being obvious.

 作品集 / Products

  1. Chair10-MADONNA-I-4710n
  2. Chair10-MADONNA-I-4710-hover
  1. Easy-Chair10-HEDWIG
  2. Easy-Chair10-HEDWIG_hover
  1. Petite底線
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時漾國際 . neo arco