Åke Axelsson 有很豐富的傢俱製作經驗,1932年出生於瑞典南方 Småland 的小農莊,那是個有湖和森林的地方。從小就展現出對工藝的天份,當時,也參加了夏天課程的家具製造訓練。1951年畢業於 Visby School of Woodwork,然後離開到慕尼黑工作當學徒

回到瑞典後,在 Konstfack – University College Arts and Crafts and Design 研讀傢俱和室內設計不久之後成立自己的工作室室內設計是最初的職業但椅子設計才是他最有熱情汗投入的設計工作內容

身為 Gärsnäs 的首席設計師和共同擁有者,致力於產業知識的保存,也花很多時間在分析椅子的結構上包含研究古希臘和古埃及的椅子設計的作品特點強調 簡單” 和 簡化,產品功能和外形都很清楚地出自於功能主義



1995 Awarded the title Professor, by the Swedish government

1995 Design Sense Award, nominated, Design Museum London

1995 Awarded the Bruno Mathsson Prize

1994 Awarded the Prince Eugene Medal

1993 Gärsnäs Jubilee Competition

1993 Excellent Swedish Design

1992 Excellent Swedish Design

1989 Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

1989 The Swedish magazine, Vi, designer prize

1988 Excellent Swedish Design

1985 Excellent Swedish Design

1978 Nordic Design Competition (Copenhagen)

1968 The Swedish Furniture Industry Design Association Competition

1967 The Red Beech Prize

1963 The Pro-Beech (beech wood) Competition


Åke Axelsson has a long experience in furniture making. He was born in 1932 on a small farm in Småland, the lake and forest district in the south Sweden. At an early age it was clear that he had a talent for craft and was sent to summer classes in cabinetmaking. He graduated from Visby School of Woodwork in 1951, and went off as a journeyman to work in Munich.

Back in Sweden he studied furniture and interior design at the University College of Arts and Crafts and Design (Konstfack) and soon sat up his own office. Interior design has been the primary profession of Åke Axelsson, but it is the designing of chairs that has been his great passion.

And as main designer and co-owner of Swedish furniture company Gärsnäs, he is a strongly engaged in preserving industrial knowledge in the country. Åke Axelsson has spent a lot of passionate time analyzing the construction of chairs, including studying ancient Greek and Egyptian chairs. His design is characterized by simplicity and reduction, with form and function clearly deriving from functionalism.

 作品集 / Products

  1. Chair01-AKUSTIKI6141
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  1. Chair08-LIGHTnEASY-I-4594a
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  1. Chair09-LINNEA-6263
  2. Chair09-LINNEA-6263-hover
  1. Chair02-CRAFTI4597
  2. Chair02-CRAFTI4597-hover
  1. Chair07-KB-6126
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  1. Chair11-MERCURIUS-6130
  2. Chair11-MERCURIUS-6130-hover
  1. Chair14-WOOD-4703
  2. Chair14-WOOD-4703-hover
  1. Sofa02-NEPTUNUS-6203-3a
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  1. Easy-Chair03-FERDINAND-6222
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  1. Easy-Chair09-NEPTUNUS-I-6202
  2. Easy-Chair09-NEPTUNUS-I-6202-hover
  1. Chair19-SAR
  2. Chair19-SAR_hover
  1. Sonat-封面2
  2. Sonat-封面1

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