Jack Färg & Blanche 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 Neoarco 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs 設計家具 移動家具、實用家具 凳子、沙發 書房、客廳、角落,玄關

產品介紹 / 

材質:梣木 & 織布/皮革
尺寸:W 950 x D 600 x H 430 (mm)

設計經典 Emma 休閒椅的兩位設計師 FÄRG & BLANCHE,從 Emma & Emily 的椅子中,設計有相同靈感的 Jack & Elsa 休閒椅,這些可謂是兩位設計師的系列代表作。

Jack & Elsa 是一種休閒椅式的沙發,有長圓與橢圓的造型,座面呈圓腹鼓面,椅腿則是梣木包覆布料,均可見從 Emma 與 Emily 的設計,特殊細緻的優雅造型。Jack 的外型屬於長方而橢圓,Elsa 則是橢圓型,兩者設計成一對的造型,細緻優雅,也可以從中產生有趣的聯想。

Jack & Elsa 休閒式沙發,適合在善用各種可方便移動的功能,隨不同的空間需求而擺設,作各種輔助家具的運用。審美經驗中的小巧,可愛,天真,趣味的特質,最適合用 Jack & Elsa ,來裝飾空間中迷人有趣的遐想。

Description / 

Material:Ash & Fabric or Leather
Size:W 950 x D 600 x H 430 (mm)

“When we began sketching Jack and Elsa, it seemed obvious that a stool supplementing our Emma series must have an idiom and a life of its own. By using the stockinged leg section as a recurrent detail, we’ve created a strong link with the family. The stools come in different sizes, which makes for spatial interaction. When we got to the stage of naming them, we thought of the dogs which are usually there in the Gärsnäs showroom. So of course the stools had to be called Jack and Elsa, like them. Stools can play many different parts in an interior design, singly or like a flock of animals spread out across the room, discreet sitting points, or an extravagant detail.”

類別 / Category

BRAND : Gärsnäs
PRODUCT ID. : 6269
COLORS : 原木色/染色

設計師 / Designer


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