Dandy Pierre Sindre 北歐家具 台中進口家具 時漾國際neoarco 北歐瑞典家具Gärsnäs 設計家具 藤編家具 休閒椅 鹿港龍山寺

產品介紹 / 

材質:山毛櫸或梣木 & 藤編 & 織布或皮革
尺寸:W 938 x D 830 x H 890 (mm) 坐高:330 mm

ELLE 2018年度瑞典家具設計獎

19世紀的巴黎,是西方現代化中,都市計劃與藝文品味發展的目標。詩人波特萊爾 (C. Baudelaire, 1821 ~ 1867),已經為當時城市中出現的有品味的中產階級,描繪出一個都市的新形象。這些中產階級,時常出現在博物館、畫廊、音樂會、詩社沙龍等場所,隨著他們這種藝文的參與,帶動一群城市漫遊者 (flanneur),於是一群有深度品味者,開始在服裝上打扮,他們也是一些為新事物好奇的城市觀察家,這就是一群傳著時髦的紈褲子弟,或花花公子的型男 (Dandy) 出現的時代背景。

Dandy 休閒椅,整個椅背包覆著藤編,椅背、椅座用色塊軟墊,搭配藤、皮、布之間特殊的複合媒材。造型設計來自18世紀英國古典風格流行的羽翼椅 (Wingback chair),以實木材質為骨架,並以皮革包覆。而 Dandy 椅子,雖有羽翼椅的造型,尤其椅背的弧線造型,可看出這種形式的傳承,藤編的運用,尤見現代複合媒材的運用。有一種暨古典又現代,符合20世紀初,追求復古又創新的公子型男精神。

Description / 

Material:Beech/ Ash & Rattan & Fabric/ Leather
Size:W 938 x D 830 x H 890 (mm)   Seat Height: 330 mm

Easy chair with frame in solid beech or ash. Back in rattan, lined with leather. Upholstered seat and back cushion and neck cushion in fabric or leather.

Designer Pierre Sindre is behind several Gärsnäs bestsellers for public spaces. This time he has been inspired by his own sensations of pleasure and created the Dandy. A broad and sit-friendly easy chair with a high rattan back that creates seclusion without feeling closed in. Dandy is a lovely easy chair, made for rest and contemplation, and manufactured with natural materials: rattan, Tärnsjö leather and oak. Stylistically, Dandy lends from fashion in the 60s and for a long time the working name was Steve McQueen considering the actor’s self-assured sense of high quality and just the right amount of nonchalant style.

ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2018

類別 / Category

BRAND : Gärsnäs
PRODUCT ID. : 6292
COLORS : 原木色、染色

設計師 / Designer

Pierre Sindre 2017

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