Emily Färg & Blanche 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 Neoarco 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs

產品介紹 / 

材質:梣木 & 織布/皮革
尺寸:W 600 x D 520 x H 770/800 (mm)
坐高:430/465 mm



a) 椅背的圖騰設計,增加了椅子的辨識度
b) 縫紉技術的突破(縫紉貫穿椅背技術),使圖騰能前後一致
c) 椅腳上半部的包覆,展現出縫紉的技巧
d) 縫線可以根據配色做選擇
e) 整體設計帶來高度的優雅和舒服感

Description / 

Material:Ash & Fabric/ Leather
Size:W 600 x D 520 x H 770/800 (mm)
Seat Height:430/465 mm

“Emily is our Emma easy chair’s little sister. Just like siblings, they are similar but still different. The family likeness can be seen in the needlework: they are both upholstered, but differently patterned. The needlework is a function, which also creates a powerful idiom. The special technique employed is based on a classical craft, while at the same time occupying the leading edge of technology.

Easy chair upholstered back and seat in fabric or leather. Legs in natural ash or stain. Available in two seat heights. Emily is a comfortable chair, equally successful round the dining table and at a conference table.”

類別 / Category

BRAND : Gärsnäs
PRODUCT ID. : 6261
COLORS : 原木色、染色

設計師 / Designer


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