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產品介紹 / 

材質:Birch & Beech & Fabric/ Leather
尺寸:W 485 x D 487 x H 810 (mm)    坐高:440 mm

樺木和後腳使用山毛櫸的實木組合,Akustik 的系列產品多樣,有設計給小孩、成人、年長者等使用,椅面下都附有吸音裝置。

以黑、白、紅、或原木色為主的 Akustik,是椅子的基本款。從一般高度,至中高,到高腳椅,適合各類空間擺設。基本上以方柱椅腳為主,高腳椅則四方圍以踏圈。有些還設計有短扶手,整體呈現俐落、簡約的線條。

Akustic 即是 “聲響、聲音” 的意思。高低不同造型,背後呈現的弧形線,好像空間中的和聲,有不同的音高變化。桌椅之間,隨著椅面高低,音高 (pitch) 聲頻的變化,增進空間中不同的聲響效果。在瑞典,常使用在學校、醫院、診所等不同的公共空間。幾何簡約的造型,讓空間增進輕柔和聲與音色的效果。

Description / 

Material:Birch & Beech & Fabric/ Leather
Size:W 485 x D 487 x H 810 (mm)
Seat Height:440 mm

The Akustik series is distinguished by sound-absorbent material under the seat. Available in birch/unstained, stained or painted. Seat and back of veneer or with a choice between fabric and leather upholstery. Stackable, ganged and storage-hooked.
“My sound-absorbent Akustik series has grown into a whole family. The XL easy chair is based on nursing and caring service desiderata. It is higher and more spacious that the general run of contract chairs. Many older people appreciate sitting higher up. The additional seating height and the stout armrest make both sitting down and getting up again easier.”
“The Akustik Mini kiddie chair is the Gärsnäs collection’s first item of children’s furniture. It is intended for schools, day nurseries, hospitals and all other places with noise problems. in settings for adults, deliberate steps are taken to counteract noise. now it’s the children’s turn.”

類別 / Category

BRAND : Gärsnäs
PRODUCT ID. : 6141
COLORS : 原木色、染色、亮漆

設計師 / Designer


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