Mr N  . 替空間注入手作的質感

[ 流暢的輪廓隱藏著工藝 ]
Mr N 是 Färg & Blanche 設計工作室的異材質和縫合的另一個代表作品之一。如同衣服的縫線,縫合一體成型的背板扶手和襯墊,替椅子帶出流暢的時尚感,也替書房或是辦公空間注入人文的美學。
[ 縫合技術在家具上的革新 ]
縫紉 (縫合) 在 Mr N 的運用,是美學的表現,也是結構的基礎,並符合當代環境保護的潮流。
[ 裁縫技術 inside ]
[ 異材質的時尚美感 ]
硬材質的夾板和舒適柔軟的坐墊,不同材質的對比和扶手的斜切,使得 Mr N 在視覺上更為時尚,並且富有變化。
[ 多樣的椅腳 ]

At the cutting edge of tailoring and carpentry
With the aesthetic DNA of Emma and the wood tailoring of Julius, Mr N is the heir who has joined the boardroom. A conference chair whose lively exterior gives character to the room, and whose inner ensures you are sitting comfortably, no matter what decisions are going to be made.

Extreme seams
The stitching along the back is not only an aesthetic detail, but the foundation of the model’s construction. The moulded back is joined to the upholstery with extreme seams. Without pre-drilled holes, the six-millimetre thick wood plate is literally sewn together with the upholstery by a sewing machine. The result is a join that doesn’t need glue or staples, and a chair back that exudes craftsmanship.

A sartorial inner
The inner stitching is discrete, yet distinct at the same time. The double seams create a well-tailored feel reminiscent of the inside of a suit. A detail that gives the chair a tailored inside, as well as fulfilling its practical purpose.

An aesthetic flow
At the base of the back, where the wood plate meets the upholstered seat frame, a visible contrast is created between soft and hard to make the design more dashing. In addition, the seat frame is bevelled underneath to create an aesthetic flow, and a feeling of disappearing under the chair.

A less basic base
Mr N’s star base is specially designed as a natural extension of the chair. The legs are welded to the tube-shaped fixture, allowing height adjustment. While traditional bases are usually straight with hard angles, here we see softer lines and a more organic form. The base is interchangeable; one with four legs and glides, and one with five legs and casters.

For more comfortable meetings
Mr N is a chair for both the home and office, but is best suited to the conference room. Its visible wood and pronounced stitching make the setting warmer and more personal in rooms otherwise perceived as formal. With variations available, you can find a model for every room. For example, brown seams and leather would suit a classical boardroom with wooden panelling, while a coloured fabric would better suit creative meetings in a more modern environment.

Mr N Färg & Blanche 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs
Mr N Färg & Blanche 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs
Mr N Färg & Blanche 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs
Mr N Färg & Blanche 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs