Dandy 簡介
Dandy 休閒椅的材料來自於60年代的材質,結合永恆令人愉快的生活而來。設計靈感來自經典手提包品牌 Palmgrens 和好萊塢動作片影星兼賽車手的 Steven McQueen,擁有休閒和優雅的特徵,Dandy 是電影巨星的演繹,一個給人若無其事的態度,和帶著賽車用的皮手套印象,這是給任何年齡層都可以找到理由喜歡上他的休閒椅。

坐墊面選擇 Tärnsjö Garveri 的棕色或黑色皮革,反面選擇人字型圖騰的布料,用不同材質營造不同的美感。皮革面營造出高雅的印象,布料給人回溯到60年代的美學。



椅凳是休閒椅的延伸,它的外形類似洋芋片, 邊線來自於曲背,而藤編橫跨椅凳的中央,這讓腳和小腿不會和邊框接觸到。


The Steve McQueen of easy chairs
Dandy combines a 60s feeling for materials with a timeless enjoyment of life. Influences include classical handbags by Palmgrens and Steve McQueen. With its casual elegance, Dandy is an interpretation of the movie star, whose nonchalant attitude and leather racing gloves made him a style icon for an entire generation.
A quick-change artist
The soft seat cushion is filled with horsehair and comes in several versions. Either a completely leather variant in brown or black from Tärnsjö Garveri. Or you can choose one side in a herringbone fabric. The latter allows you to change the look of the chair with a quick flip. Leather side up makes an elegant impression; fabric side up shows more of a 60s aesthetic.
A cool, inviting profile
The front legs appear from the side to be round, but from straight on you see a different silhouette. The inner sides are worked to create a taper and the angle provides a sense of stillness and calm. While some furniture looks like it is on the run, Dandy’s legs offer an impression of an easy chair at rest. A small yet crucial detail when you really want to relax.
A balancing act
The adjustable headrest is held in place by a brass weight. As a reminder of its purpose, it is shaped as a dumbbell. Thanks to its careful balance, it holds the headrest exactly where you want it, while also making the easy chair’s back something worth seeing.
A complete getaway
The footstool is an extension of the actual easy chair. Its shape, similar to a potato chip, gets its lines from the curved back. At the same time, rattan spans the hollow across the footstool’s middle. Both feet and calves rest comfortably on the rattan, without coming into contact with the frame.
For relaxation or connection
Dandy is equally suitable in a hotel lobby or a living room. A lovely oasis where you can let your thoughts wander or binge an entire season of your favourite series. The ample space lets you sit as you want or share with someone you like. The shapes are organic in a way reminiscent of an enlarged Rococo easy chair. And light filtering through the rattan creates an artwork of shadows on the wall.

Pierre Sindre Gärsnäs
北歐家具 台中進口家具 瑞典家具 Gärsnäs Dandy easy chair
北歐家具 台中進口家具 瑞典家具 Gärsnäs Dandy easy chair
北歐家具 台中進口家具 瑞典家具 Gärsnäs Dandy easy chair
北歐家具 台中進口家具 瑞典家具 Gärsnäs Dandy stool