Colette 離散美學
[ 時尚和經典 ]
Colette 簡約的外型中,帶有經典的元素,適合搭配當今流行的設計風格。
美學靈感來自20世紀初期 Chanel 的經典套裝,材質和工藝設計,也符合環保經濟,Colette 呈現出歷久不衰的調性和永續。

[ 時尚沙發的代名詞 ]
Colette 系列產品,最引人注意的是墊子邊緣線的處理,這直接呼應了 Coco Chanel 經典套裝的設計樣式,布和邊緣線的顏色有些微的不同,製造出對比的效果。

線條設計,表現出經典、精確的輪廓,彌補了椅子的輕盈感,側邊扶手的墊子高出幾公分,線條勾勒出扶手的外形,這種 ”離散的美學” 讓 Colette 容易在空間設計中被定位。椅腳像是直窄腿站立的高跟鞋,而椅腳和地板接觸的環狀設計,呼應了墊子上的線條處理。


[ 講求坐感的舒適度 ] 
坐墊的羽絨填充物,提供自然柔軟的舒適感,底部的填充物增加了穩定性。整體的坐墊在 noazg 系統下,使座椅富有彈性和靈活度,坐感不會有陷下去之感,而且填充物不需要拍打讓恢復原來的形狀。

[ 歷久不衰的經典樣式 ]
Colette 是個無法被取代的迷人設計,舒服和乾淨的特性,讓它適合在居家的客廳、飯店的大廳、或是會客室來使用。墊子翻面來使用,創造出沙發的另一種風情,而表面布料的更換設計,延長了沙發的壽命,Colette 不會因為流行改變而被淘汰。

A sustainable fashion icon
Colette is a series that suits up modern environmental considerations in classical fashion. Aesthetical inspiration is drawn from the Chanel suit of the early 20th century, but under the surface are materials and craftsmanship based on the circular economy. The result is a timeless model, in both style and sustainability.

The best dressed sofa in town
Colette’s most prominent detail is the edging along the sides of the cushions: a direct reference to the trim of Coco Chanel’s classical suit. The fabric and colour is somewhat different from the covers to create contrast. Discrete enough to give harmony to the shape, yet distinct enough to be striking.

A profile that turns heads
Even the silhouette bears traces of the Chanel suit. The lines show a classical, strict profile, with the seat slightly offset. The edging rises several centimetres and makes an outline along the armrest. Such discrete aesthetics make Colette simple to position in a room. It is spacious, yet also neat and tidy, thanks to its well-balanced proportions. For those with particular requirements, the rectangular shape lets you build modules.

Fashion to the tips of its toes
Inspiration from the fashion world runs all the way down to the feet. The straight, narrow legs stand like stilettos on the floor. The choice of materials includes oxidised brass or dark-grey textured coating. The heel runs about the leg like a ring, echoing the edging around the cushions.

Layered comfort
The seat comprises of several layers to offer as much comfort as possible. Seat cushions are filled with down to give a naturally soft feeling. Then a thin layer of padding creates stability. In turn, the entire cushion rests on a nozag base, giving the seat both springiness and flexibility. You sit softly without sinking down and the padding maintains its shape without needing to be puffed up.

Timelessly modern
Colette is a design that can be the centre of attention without taking over. The lovely comfort and clean design means it is equally at home in a living room as a hotel lobby or a relaxed meeting room. The cushions can be turned over and the covers are removable to extend the fabric’s lifespan. And if you feel the need for change, you can easily switch covers and bring new life to your furniture. Thanks to the timeless design, Colette remains constantly modern, even when the fashion changes.

Colette 沙發系列 Nina Jobs 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs
Colette 沙發系列 Nina Jobs 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs
Colette 沙發系列 Nina Jobs 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs
Colette 沙發系列 Nina Jobs 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs
Colette 沙發系列 Nina Jobs 台中進口家具 北歐家具 瑞典家具 時漾國際 瑞典百年家具品牌Gärsnäs